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Jointing Tech are market leaders in the specialist cable and accessories market but we realise that there are certain products that are widely used in the electrical industry that perhaps it would help if your go to cable jointing company would supply; so to help we've created our new power consumables range that delivers pretty much all the ancillary items you could ever need on site!

In stock and ready for next day delivery are a huge range of Industrial strength batteries - alkaline, lithium, zinc manganese dioxide and sealed lead acid from leading brands such ad Duracell, Energizer and Yuasa.

We also supply a huge range of fixings - from nails to screws to wall plugs, we're confident our range of fixings sufficiently covers all varieties you could need on site and for residential projects as well.

As part of our new consumables range we've expanded our range of lubricants and cleaners - from degreaser to ensure your application is clean and prepped to WD-40 to protect metal from rust and corrosion and lubricate just about most things, Jointing Tech have the right lubricant and cleaner for whatever size project you're working on in our range, most are in stock and available for immediate dispatch or for collection at any of our network of branches.

We have a range of general consumables - within this range we have products from expanding foam to de-icer, armoured padlocks to cold galvanising paint, trench cover tape to Clor-n-Oil test kits - it's a vast and varied range of products that we feel are necessities in the cable jointing industry.

Also included in the power consumables range is an extensive collection of pollution control products that includes spill kits, waste bags, absorbent drip pads - everything you would need to ensure pollution is kept under control and your environment is protected.

Ever in demand is our range of top name tapes, whether you need Scotch Tape, PVC, mastic, electrical insulating, Gorilla, masking, gaffa and more your local Jointing Tech branch needs to be your first call.

We also supply every day electrical ancillaries - copper fuse wire, lamps etc

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Here you'll find a range of products for the power cable accessories market which has now grown to reflect the broader range of materials used by our core customer base across all industry sectors. We're here to save you time, money and effort, and to leave you free to run your business.
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