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Cable Ties & Marking Systems

We know that cable ties are a staple in any toolkit and that's why at Jointing Tech, we've ensured that we have a vast variety available for immediate dispatch. Cable marking systems are also very useful to ensure that your cabling is clearly marked and easily distinguishable. Our full range is listed below:

- We have a range of nylon cable ties – Ty-Rap premium cable ties, standard cable ties, flame retardant cable ties and black cable ties

- Along with nylon cable ties, we have nylon cable markers available – straight cut wire markers, oval cut wire markers and carrier strips

- We are the largest stockist in the UK for BAND-IT™ products which include banding systems, cable ties and a wide range of tools

- Stainless steel cable ties – Ball-lok ties (uncoated), Ball-lok ties (coated), Tie-lok ties (uncoated), Multi-lok ties (uncoated), Band-it ties (coated), Band-fast system, Multi-lok ties (coated)

- Stainless steel banding system with buckle system

- Stainless steel cable markers which include marker characters, carrier strips and the Easy Read kit which is designed to provide a convenient marking system in hazardous areas

- The Dymo Rhino 4200 labelling kit which is a system which allows you to efficiently create labels for your cabling and accessories.