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Everyone in the electrical industry has an extensive range of tools so at Jointing Tech, we try to ensure that we stock as many as possible and most importantly at a reasonable price with excellent customer care and industry leading technical support. From cutting tools to cable preparation, gas torches to spiking tools, Jointing Tech have you covered! For the safest installations and applications, it is vital that you have the correct tools and equipment in place. Why use substandard or unsuitable tools that could put you or others around you in danger?

Within our range of tools and equipment, we stock low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cable preparation tools, gas torches for heat shrink tubing installation and hydraulic cutting tools to cut through low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage cabling so all the essentials for cable jointing are all available from one source. We also have a good range of Band-It tooling to allow you to adjust the tension of Band-It ties. 

We also offer a tool hire service - if you are interested and want to find out more and get a quote, please call our Norton Canes office on 01543 450555.

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