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LV Cable Joints

Low voltage cable is most commonly used in your everyday household for mains power, lighting etc meaning that of course, the risk of anything big and bad happening is lessened due to the low volts (kV). However, you need to ensure that quality materials are used to prevent any potential disruption - your cable and labour is expensive and needs to be protected, why waste time and money buying inferior products? That's where we have you covered. Using high quality materials from suppliers such as 3M and Prysmian, you can rest assured that your cable is well protected and insulated to ensure a prolonged solid electrical connection.

We supply a vast range of LV (low voltage) joints at a price that fits right within your project specification with industry leading customer support as an added bonus. With LV joints that are able to be used indoor and outdoor, Jointing Tech are confident that we've got everything you'd need under one roof. Also with the option to buy online, we ensure that your low voltage cable joint is with you fast, ensuring that you've got all the equipment required for your job without the need to mess around waiting for online or over the phone quotes that can take days. Of course, if you do require that little bit more information or support, our team can be in touch in a matter of hours. Just use our contact us form and let us take it from there.