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33kV Cold Shrink Joints

Jointing Tech are the industry leading supplier of 33kV cold shrink joints.

With our UK based team that have an extensive knowledge of the entirety of our product range, we’re confident we can assist you with your cold shrink jointing needs to ensure you get your desired products quickly and at the right price.

Cold shrink joints (often referred to as cold shrink tubing) offer a variety of benefits. These include:

  • Cold shrink joints are generally considered as a safer alternative to heat shrink due to it not needing a heat source to seal. A typical heat shrink joint will need a flame to seal the application. A cold shrink joint simply uses a pull-cord.
  • No need for any other equipment or specialist training to install the cold shrink joint
  • Cold shrink joints are always actively sealing – if used on a cable which expands due to heat etc, the cold shrink joint will expand with the cable and then shrink back down. Due to heat shrinking solidifying after a certain period, although heat shrinking could expand with the cabling, it would not be able to shrink back down in the same way that cold shrink does
  • Cold shrink joints use silicone to ensure that it as leak proof as possible, making it suitable for indoor AND outdoor cable terminations
  • The cold shrink is also UV-stable meaning that there is no chance of a conducting carbon path