33kV Unarmoured XLPE Cable Joint

33kV Unarmoured XLPE Cable Joint

33kV Single Core Unarmoured XLPE Cable Joint

33kV Unarmoured XLPE Cable Joint
33kV Unarmoured XLPE Cable Joint

Inline cold shrink joints for 33kV single core unarmoured XLPE cables

  • Designed to join inline single core 33kV unarmoured XLPE cable in “All in One” kit including mechanical connectors
  • Faster installation time than heat shrink joints
  • Joint body, earthing system and re-jacketing pre-expanded on one holdout system
  • Single piece silicone rubber joint body with high mechanical expansion capability allows a wide application range which enables smaller range of product to be stocked
  • Short parking distance required
  • Electrical stress control of the screen cut area by intergrated conductive geometrical stress cones
  • Electrical stress control of the connector is by an integrated screened connection area (Faraday Cage)
  • Kit contents: Stress control and insulation tubing, wire shield, outer cold shrink sleeving and moisture tapes

Technical Data

  • Joint exceeds CENELEC HD 629.1 which includes IEC, BS,VDE and other international specifications
  • Network Rail approved
  • Mechanical Shear bolt connector to IEC 61238-1


Part Number Application Range Diameter Over Core Insulation Diameter Over Outer Sheath Price £ Quantity
CSJA-36D/1XU-1XU-M 95-240mm² 27.8-37.6mm 35.0-48.0mm 289.44
CSJA-36E/1XU-1XU-M1 240-400mm² 34.9-42.8mm 42.0-54.0mm 344.52
CSJA-36E/1XU-1XU-M2 500mm² 42.6-45.6mm 51.0-57.0mm 362.88
CSJA-36E/1XU-1XU-M3 630mm² 45.8-49.2mm 56.0-61.0mm 392.04
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