Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper

Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper

Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper

Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper
Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper Steel Wire Armour Cable Stripper

SWA Cable Stripping Tool

Developed to overcome the issues associated with using hacksaws and utility knives to terminate cables

  • Manufactured from lightweight aluminium and precision engineered steel parts
  • Robust body withstands repeated use making this a strong and durable tool
  • Easy use - no hacksaw, no knife
  • The high performance hardened steel alloy cutting wheel delivers a perfect cut every time 
  • No blades - complies with onsite Health & Safety Regulations
  • Cuts both longitudinally and circumferentially
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design is perfect for small or confined spaces
  • Tethering for lanyard for safe use at heights
  • Wide stripping capacity: 12-35mm diameter
  • 3 year guarantee excluding spare parts (cutting wheel)

5 Step Process

Blade cut depth will vary according to cable size, progressive advancement is best

Step 1:  Rotary Cut

  • Place tool on cable at gland point, advance blade down into outer insulation
  • Rotate tool around cable to cut through outer insulation
  • Continue to advance blade into steel strands to required depth
  • Repeat insulation only cut approx 50mm further along cable

Step 2: Longitudinal Cut

  • Rotate tool 90° to cable 1st cut, advance blade down into insulation
  • Guide tool down length of cable ensuring sufficient cut depth
  • Adjust blade depth as required to cut insulation

Step 3: Remove Outer Sheath

  • Split and remove outer insulation sheath
  • Unwind steel strands and snap using fingertip pressure at cut point
  • Remove 2nd portion of insulation and splay strands

Step 4: Rotary Cut on Inner Sheath

  • Place tool on cable where secondary insulation is to be removed
  • Advance blade and perform rotary cut to required depth
  • Take care not to overcut to avoid damaging conductors

Step 5: Longitudinal Cut & Remove Secondary Sheath

  • Rotate tool 90° to cable, advance blade into insulation
  • Guide tool down length of cable, ensuring sufficient cut depth
  • Split secondary insulation layer * remove to expose conductors


Technical Data

  • Size: H 140mm x W 56mm x D 85mm
  • Weight 400g
  • Material: Steel and aluminium
  • Cable size: 12 - 35mm diameter
  • Cable size: Up to 4 core 50mm
  • Application: Steel armoured, non-armoured, copper pipe, plastic pipe
  • Cutting depth:  Max depth 3mm
  • Blade:  Carbon alloy steel


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