Jointing Tech ICP Division was created specifically to support the unique needs for the Independent Connection Provider (ICP) market and whilst not being an IDNO, Jointing Tech are ideally placed to support all aspects of the market.

Our team understands that only approved products can be used and have the largest independent stock portfolio for the ICP market available in the UK with thousands of items in stock ready for next day delivery.

All leading brands are in stock including:

  • Lucy Electric: MSDBs, CTCOs, HSCOs, HDCOs 
  • Lucy Zodion: Street lighting, feeder pillars 
  • Tyco: Joints, Service Joints, Stop Ends, Resin, Link Boxes
  • Prysmian
  • WT Henley: HSCOs
  • Sicame: Joints, Service Joints, Stop Ends, Resin, Link Boxes
  • Lawson: Fuses

We also stock a wide range of LV-132kv cable including service, waveform & triplex (in three core and four core) which can be cut to any length as well as being delivered on site within a matter of days from the following manufacturers:

  • NKT: Service, Waveform, 11-66kv
  • TFK: Multi-Core/Pair, Waveform, 11-66kv
  • Tratos: Service and Street Lighting cables
  • Cabelte
  • Demirer
  • Hellenic 
  • Waveform, 11-66kv
  • Prysmian: Waveform 11-33kv

For more information or if you’d like to speak with one of our ICP specialists please contact us today

More about ICPs, DNOs and IDNOs

ICP stands for Independent Connection Provider and is an accredited company that is authorized to build electricity networks on behalf of clients to an industry approved standard and quality.  The ICP must be registered with Lloyds Register EMEA under the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).  To view the Lloyds Register website and for more information regard the NERS scheme and a list of registered ICPs click here.  An ICP can carry out connections works which are split into contestable and non-contestable works. 

What are contestable and non-contestable works

Contestable works are the aspects of a project undertaken by an ICP or IDNO.

Non-contestable works are the aspects of the project that are completed by a power company or an appointed agent

What is a Distribution Network Operator (DNO)

A DNO is a company licenced to distribute electricity from the transmission grid into homes and businesses in Great Britain by Ofgem. 

What is an Independent Network Operator (IDNO)

An IDNO can construct electricity networks and retains ownership of and is responsible for the new network, these are predominately network extensions such as new housing developments.

An IDNO is licensed by Ofgem to own and operate electricity networks

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