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EnviroPad Absorbent Drip Pad

from only £127.00

Green Rhino Enviropad - Absorbent Drip Pad

Offering the best oil retention rates on the market at up to 40 litres and an unrivalled cost per litre compared to marketplace alternatives!

Product Description:

  • The EnviroPad is a revolutionary new drip pad that actually turns the hydrocarbons into rubber, as opposed to just soaking 
  • Can absorb up to 10.5 litres
  • Great value product for absorbing things like oil, diesel and petrol with ease - it's a much less expensive option that alternative products
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Extremely lightweight to be carried around with ease
  • Instantly removes pollutants to non-detectable levels using unique polymer technology
  • No reaction with water
  • Commonly used with pumps, generators, chain saws, cut-off saws and other petrol filled equipment
  • Large items of plant can be easily wheeled or placed onto the pad
  • Unlike other products, the EnviroPad does not leach when saturated. It bonds the oil, immobilising it permanently and preventing it from leaking hydrocarbons into the environment.
  • The EnviroPad helps to reduce the risk of products polluting the environment

How Does it Work?

The Green Rhino EnviroPad contains a smart membrane with polymer technology inside that captures and retains hydrocarbons inside a smart polymer, preventing contaminants from leaving the spill/drip area and allowing unpolluted water to drain away.  

The polymers are capable of completely solidifying the hydrocarbon until it becomes a solid mass that will not leak, offering a very effective method for managing and removing unwanted waste oils from the environment.

The polymers are non-toxic, non-carciogenic and have no special COSHH requirements



Technical Data

Qty: 1

Weight: 1.3KG

Dimensions: 90 x 69cm

Part Number Size/Type Quantity Price Quantity
GRR 52 02 10 DARCY SPILLCARE 90x69CM (MEDIUM - UPTO 10.5L) £127.00