Clor-n-Oil 50ppm PCB Test Kit

Clor-n-Oil 50ppm PCB Test Kit

Clor-n-Oil 50ppm PCB Test Kit

Clor-n-Oil 50ppm PCB Test Kit
Clor-n-Oil 50ppm PCB Test Kit

Test Kit PCB 50ppm (Transformer Oil Testing) CLOR-N-OIL

Product Description:

  • Clor-n-Oil is a fast, accurate method to determine whether PCB is present in electrical insulating fluids.
  • Pocket sized for convenience.
  • Test results available within 5 minutes.
  • Premeasured reagents are sealed in glass ampules for safe, fast, consistent and accurate results.
  • Screening transformer oil with Clor-N-Oil can eliminate non-PCB fluids from costly lab analysis and allows a greater number of samples to be tested at less cost.

How Does It Work?

  • Fixed endpoint colorimetric titration used for detection.
  • Clor-n-Oil can be used to test 3 different action levels; 20ppm, 50ppm and 500ppm.
  • Aroclor 1242 is used in this product to ensure that there are no false negatives.
  • Aroclor 1242 contains less chlorine than any of the other Aroclors that are in electrical insulating fluids.
  • When the test turns purple, this means your oil sample is below the action level.

Technical Data

  • Qty: 1 kit
  • These kits are an appropriate method for testing DIELECTRIC FLUID (transformer oil) ONLY. They cannot be used to determine PCB contamination of other types of used oils (i.e. used motor oil or other types of lubricants/industrial oils).


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