Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration Pads
Anti-Vibration Pads Anti-Vibration Pads

Anti-Vibration Pads for Transformer Mounting

  • Super W Durometer Pads
  • Sheet size 450 x 450 x 19mm
  • Consisting of 81 quantity of 50mm square pads

Please see attached datasheet for load ratings per square

Technical Data

To install the anti-vibration pads, select the number of squares required from table:

The pads are supplied in sheets of 81 and need cutting down to the desired number.

The cut down pad shall be a thin a strip that is three (3) pads wide with only the middle coming into direct contact with the transformer skid as illustrated here:

This is for handling purposes and prevents installers placing their hands underneath the elevated transformer

Jack up the transformer (or raise by an approved method)

Place the pads underneath all supports including supporting legs (as shown above).  No fixings or adhesive is required.  The pads should be equally loaded

Ensure there is no debris or materials where the transformer will be situated

Lower the transformer onto the pads





Part Number Description Price £ Quantity
14869U per sheet of 81 pads 300.00
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