Multi Service Distribution Board (MSDB)

Multi Service Distribution Board (MSDB)

Multi Service Distribution Board (MSDB)

Multi Service Distribution Board (MSDB)
Multi Service Distribution Board (MSDB)

Multi Service Distribution Boards (MSDB) from Lucy Electric

  • Staggered outgoing 100A SP fuse service ways provide maximum cable space
  • Choice of cable terminations including mechanical shear-off or compression lugs
  • Suitable for 3C CNE supplies or 4C SNE with additional kit
  • Standard configurations include Left/Right/Top/ Bottom incoming supply
  • Enclosure manufactured from zinc coated steel with a phosphate resin pre-treatment followed by an oven-cured polyester powder coat finish
  • Double doors enabling segregation of incoming and outgoing supplies
  • Quick release doors facilitate installation in confined spaces
  • Choice of 12, 15, 18, 24, 30, 36 and 45 outgoing fused ways
  • Incoming BS88 J type fuses with 92mm centres
  • 630A busbar rating


  • Second J type fuse way for outgoing supplies greater than 100A (not available for 45 way product)
  • SWA glanding kit • 4C cabling kit
  • Temporary insulation shrouds for J type fuse way

Other Versions Available - Contact your local Jointing Tech office for full details

  • Sizes available: 7, 10, 12, 15, 16, 18, 24, 30, 36,45 WAYS in various formats
  • To standard industrial specification and DNO specific standards (WPD, SSE, SPEN, UKPN)

Technical Data

Conformity to Standards • Conforms to BSEN 60439-1 and Draft ENA specification • Outgoing fuse ways to BS 7657:2010 • IP rating to BSEN 60529


MSDB Datasheet


Part Number Description Price £ Quantity
THM0012049 10 way plastic 3 core directly connected SICAME 300mm UET shear head mech cttrs - UKPN Appd 414.00
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