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Forte Trefoil – HTC Series

from only £0.27

Stainless Steel Trefoil Cleat/ Strap HTC/ HTS Series

The HTC/ HTS Series of cleats and support straps series of cleats support and secure cables throughout the system during normal operation and during fault conditions that may occur ensuring that system integrity is maintained and cable damage can be prevented

  • Cleat body and fastenings are manufactured from 316L corrosion resistant non-magnetic stainless steel
  • Suitable for use in harsh and extreme environments including marine and offshore
  • Main cleat fastening bolt is retained to ease installation
  • Cleat liner is manufactured from an extruded polymer which is an LUL approved flame retardant halogen free polymer
  • Cleats are supplied with an easy fit spacer plate to assist with range take
  • Complies with the requirements of IEC 61914:2009

*LSF Insulation Pad. This fits to the base of the cleat and is recommended to stop any cross-contamination when fixing the stainless steel cleat to dissimilar metals. It should be ordered when ordering cleats and will come fitted for the cleat ordered.

Technical Data
  • Low, Medium and High voltage single core cables with high fault current capacities 
  • Cable diameters from 30mm to 128mm
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Suitable for use with all standard ladder and tray systems
  • Operating temperatures -45°C to + 120°C

Correct cleat spacing is essential, please follow manufacturer guidelines and recommendations

Part Number Diameter Description Price Quantity
HTC3540 35-40mm Forte Trefoil £23.38
HTC4045 40-45mm Forte Trefoil £24.85
HTC4550 45-50mm Forte Trefoil £26.32
HTC5055 50-55mm Forte Trefoil £27.72
HTC5560 55-60mm Forte Trefoil £29.24
HTC6065 60-65mm Forte Trefoil £30.66
HTC6570 65-70mm Forte Trefoil £32.13
*CL-LSFINSPAD - LSF Insulation Pad £0.27