90W Electric Underfloor Heating Mat

Electric 90W Underfloor Heating Mat

90W Electric Underfloor Heating Mat
90W Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 90W Electric Underfloor Heating Mat 90W Electric Underfloor Heating Mat
FROM ONLY £27.60

The T2 QuickNet Electric underfloor heating mat is suitable for new builds and especially for renovations

At only 3mm thick, the heating mat is ideal for use under ceramic tiles or natural stone

  • 90 watt per metre electric underfloor heating mat
  • Fits a variety of square metre sizes, ready to install in minutes.
  • Extra thin design - only 3mm
  • Easy to install
  • Self adhesive mat for quick installation
  • No need for a return cable
  • Embedded directly into tile adhesive, right underneath the tile - mat just needs to be rolled out
  • Flexible
  • Can be installed on all well insulated sub floors
  • Can be used on tip of Isolecta insulation boards
  • Suitable for wet rooms and showers
  • Huge range of sizes available, even for the smallest rooms
  • Reliable
  • No maintenance required
  • Backed by a 12-20 year warranty
  • Maximum construction height including tiles is 15mm
  • Suitable for well insulated floors and complementary heating

For rooms with a complicated shape, unlike many other heating mats the cable can be easily loosened from the net to cover all heating areas

Other sizes are available, please contact your local office for a quotation

Please note:  These mats will not work without a thermostat (sold separately)

**Limited stocks available at these special prices – Current Stock Qty subject to change**

Technical Data

Nominal voltage: 230 VAC

Nominal Power Output: 90W/m

Mat sizes: 1-12m²

Heating cable: Fluopolymer

Maximum exposure temperature: 90°C

Approvals/certifications: VDE, CE, SEMKO

Circuit breaker: 13Amp - Max heating surface 33m²


Part Number Size (m2) **Current Stock Qty Price £ Quantity
90w-1m 1.0 25 27.60
90w-1.5m 1.5 29 33.60
90w-2m 2.0 29 42.00
90w-2.5m 2.5 35 49.20
90w-3m 3.0 30 55.20
90w-4m 4.0 40 74.40
90w-4.5m 4.5 29 79.20
90w-6m 6.0 23 85.20
90w-7m 7.0 30 94.80
90w-8m 8.0 26 102.00
90w-10m 10m 36 122.40
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