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Class 1 Metal Oxide

from only POA

  • Protection of MV networks and equipment from lightning and switching surge related overvoltages. Designed and optimised to protect distribution assets including transformers and
    cable end terminations
  • Direct moulded housing to prevent moisture ingress
  • Low residual voltages
  • High energy handling
  • Safe non-shattering short circuit behaviour to high current levels
  • Maintenance free
  • Hydrophobic silicon housing (tracking and erosion resistant)
  • Excellent cantilever and tensile performance
  • Tested in accordance with IEC60099-4 at independent accredited laboratories
Technical Data
  • Material (porcelain or Polymeric)
  • Lightning impulse withstand voltage (BIL)0Um kV r.m.s - Lightning impulse withstand voltage of equipment (BIL) kV r.m.s
  • Creepage distance (mm/kV)
  • Maxiumum continuous operating voltage
  • System temporary over voltage
  • System temporay over voltage duration
  • Umax (maxiumum system phase to earth voltage in system) (kV)
  • Duty rating (kV) – “Duty cycle voltage” is a term used in IEEE standards; IEC equivalent would be as follows: Surge arrester rating (kV)
  • Line discharge class (1-5)
  • Energy capability (kJ/Kv at Ur)
  • Pollution performance 1-4/A-E(16,20,25,31,40/50mm)
  • Earthing system:multi earthed, effectivity earthed, resistive earthed, isolated, Reactance)
  • Fixing arrangements: Line termination, Earth termination, mounted arrangement.
  • Surge counters required?

Generic Technical Data

DA1 Series: 4-39kV
Rated discharge current (8/10μs): 10kA
Line discharge class 1 according to: IEC 60099-4 (2006)
Operating duty impulse withstand current (4/10μs): 100kA
Long duration current impulse (2000μs): 325A
10 second TOV, (UTOV/Uc): 1.29*Uc
High current short circuit: (pre-failing methord) (safe non-shattering failure mode): 21kA
Energy: 5.6kJ/kV
Service conditions (Ambient temperature): -60 to +60°C

Part Number Price Quantity
DA1 Series POA