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Bowthorpe Surge Arresters

from only £162.75

Bowthorpe EMP LV/MV Surge Arresters for Outdoor Applications

  • Bowthorpe EMP surge arresters  provide active over voltage protection that contributes directly to improved reliability of your system, reducing lost minutes and protecting expensive assets. 
  • Integrated design: Manufacturing integrates all components in a single piece. There are no glued interfaces. The design is void and gap free ensuring peak performance under the harshest conditions.
  • Bowthorpe EMP DA silicone surge arresters have been designed and tested to meet our customers demands with reliability and offering improved operational  performance.
  • The DA development was based on more than 40 years of experience in arrester design and manufacture  within TE Energy.
  • Non-tracking and hydrophobic silicone insulating material is used for DA arrester housings.
  • The DA surge arrester series is available with  standard or extra creepage distance.
  • Proven moisture sealing technology
  • Non-tracking insulating silicone materials.
  • Fully integrated, single piece and void-less design.
  • Reliable earth lead disconnector
  • Safe mode of failure



Technical Data
  • The DA series is tested and qualified as per IEC 60099-4 standards and all test reports are independently certified.
  • Safe mode of failure: Our high energy arresters are tested in accordance with the pre-failing mode of failure test in IEC 60099-4. This testing has proven the DA1 surge arrester series safe and predictable failure characteristics. 
  • The housing material has proven performance in long term Tracking and Erosion Resistance Test (TERT) and UV aging tests and proven resistance to flammability.
Part Number Description DNO Approval & Code Price Quantity
BOW-OCP2-12L-NFF 11Kv Arrester WPD (50412) £162.75
BOW-OCP2-30ML-NFF 33Kv Arrester WPD (50413) £346.50
BOW-OCP2-36ML-NFF 42Kv Arrester WPD (30580) £362.25
BOW-OCP2-12S-NLL-023 11Kv Polymeric Arrester SSE (066201) £178.50
BOW-OCP2-12S-NFF-003 11Kv Arrester UKPN 09436E £168.00
BOW-OCP2-30M-NFF 33Kv Arrester UKPN 09435U £336.00
BOW-OCP2-29S-NFQ 33Kv Arrester NPG (224113) £320.25