Bolt Cropper

Bolt Cropper

Bolt Cropper

Bolt Cropper
Bolt Cropper

Bolt Cropper - 750mm

Product Description:

  • High tensile bolt cropper
  • Powerful 10mm jaw
  • 750mm long
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • High performance cutting power
  • Heavy duty tool to ensure longevity
  • Grips on handles
  • Suitable for cutting high tensile material
  • Used in a variety of industries such as; construction, shipping, electrical and building, farming, emergency rescue etc
  • There are handle stops on the device to ensure that the blades or handles don't overlap (and potentially make the users hands collide with each other)
  • Adjustment bolts on neck of cutters to alter the angle in which the blades cut

How to Use:

  • Always ensure that the area you are cutting is clearly marked and cut straight - this allows for a smooth and clean cut
  • Try to position the object you're cutting as close to the neck of the cropper as possible - this is where the most power is generated
  • Grip the handles with both hands and apply the necessary force being careful to ensure your grip is well maintained
  • The object that's being cut should now have split into two

Technical Data:

  • Qty: 1
  • Can cult bolts to a maximum of 10mm


Part No. Length Jaw Price £ (ex VAT) Quantity
196533 750mm 10mm 31.10